Socage DA320

Socage is among the biggest producers of aerial work platforms.

We sell our products worldwide: in Europe, the USA and Latin America, Middle East, Far East, Australia and Africa. We are focused on the production of truck-mounted aerial work platforms, with a range of products going from 10 and 75 metres. Our aerial platforms put together compact design and lightweight construction with high performances in terms of maximum working height and outreach.

In creating and designing an aerial platform, Socage uses advanced 3D modelling software and virtual simulations to check product strength and reliability both in terms of lifespan and product behaviour under particular environmental and working conditions.

The finished product then undergoes strenuous tests: overload testing, fatigue testing, thermal and electrical system tests with the aim of verifying and optimizing each aspect on site. Socage thus guarantees that all its work platforms offer outstanding performances without compromising functionality and reliability.

Thanks to investments in qualified technical staff, quality production equipment and high-end technology,Socage is constantly granting a high commitment to its customers. Alongside high-level and constant quality, we offer innovative products that will satisfy or even exceed your expectations.


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