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D’Amico Bielevatore

D’Amico company was established in 1975 to manufacture agricultural implements as well as to do the modification and retrofitting of industrial vehicles such as trailers, tip trucks and similiar machines and attachments. Today the main activity is the construction of tractor mounted operator lifting attachments that are widely employed at farms, construction sites and for municipal works. Originally conceived together with faculties of agricultural mechanization of the Universities of Bari and Foggia, D’Amico lifting attachments are all CE approved and patented; all of them comply with Italian safety rules as well as with the enforced Machines Directives.

All D’Amico attachments, inspired by field experience, are manufactured for high performance and long lasting to please even the most demanding customers. They are employed for many jobs such as trimming treetops for better tree growth, shaping up omamental trees, cutting dry or cracked branches of road side trees, maintaining steet lights, fitting traffic boards and banners, painting buildings, checking and servicing aeral electrical or telephone lines, checking bridges, etc.


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